Welcome to Yeoido!


There are a lot of tourist attraction in Seoul like MyeongDong, Namdaemoon and Itaewon. 2011-12-06 07.20.51

Have you ever heard about Yeoido?

This place is like a Wall Street in America. In Yeodio most of Korean and foreign  financing related companies are located.

Actually, here is not a good place for sightseeing until now.

With IFC Seoul Complex, Yoeido will be the most popular and must visit place in Seoul.

2011-10-20 07.23.50

There are three big office buildings and retail mall and Conrad Hotel In this big complex. You can visit IFC Seoul website for more information.

2012-02-24 14.53.47

And you can enjoy Yeoido Park and Han river also. And you can visit 63 Building which is the tallest buidling in Korea.(Will be changed because of IFC Seoul and Super Tower In Jamsil)

2011-10-25 07.27.14

Yeoido is now changing from center of finance in Korea to the


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