What are you expecting from Korean culture?

These days we can often hear news about K-pop star becoming famous in Asia and Europe. K-pop star’s concert usually featured on entertaiment news and sometime evening news.

I can feel that Korean Pop is getting more popular than last few years. But most of the news offered by media tend to exggerate the phenomenon. So I’m really curious how foreign people think about Korean music and Idol.

In Korea, one of the most expeted job for young people is becoming famouse entertainer. Lots of survival programs like “American Idol”, British got talent” are going on the air. And some general people who got briliant talent became famous singer after winning a competition TV show. As these kind of program becomes more well-known, would-be singer have become savvier about being selected as a winner. There are lots of aspiring would-be entertainer in Korea now. 

Here are some famous program featured on MBC TV(위대한 탄생) and Mnet(Superstar K).




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