What is your first image about Korea?

If you visit my blog, can you tell me about your experience about Korea?

1. Have you ever been to Korea? and do you want to visit again?

2. What is the most interesting thing while you stay in Korea?

3. What is the most bad experience in Korea?

4. Do you want to learn Korean language Hangeul?

5. What kind of thing do you want to know about Korea? Tell me more and I’ll post on my blog next time.


2 thoughts on “What is your first image about Korea?

  1. 1. I have been to Korea one month ago, for one month ^^. I really want to visit Korea again next year.
    2. Meeting people, making friends. They were soo nice to me ^__^. I also really liked the scenery: mountains! Hiking, I hiked Halla-san and really liked the noraebang.
    3. Bus driver in Jeju, he was not nice to me and dropped me of at the wrong bus stop. I had to walk 9 km T_T. I do not know how to read Korean boys..A guy took me on a date but I did not know it was a date :(.
    4. I can read Hangeul. I really really want to learn Korean :).
    5. – What is normal contact between Korean friends? Will they not contact for weeks?
    – I want to study in Korea next year (March). Do you know of scholarships I can apply for?

    • Wow, you’ve visited Jeju island. It’s one of the most beautiful place in Korea. And if you want to find some Korean course, why don’t you visit below website for your reference. http://www.hufs.ac.kr/
      It will help you to find some information. I’ll try to write about Korean language couser in university ASAP. Thanks.

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