Are you looking for Korean Products? But it’s not easy to get your items through online shopping? When I was in university my foreign friend want to have music CD so, I sent K-pop CD to my friend. This was my first try to send Korean products to abroad.

If you want Korean products, I’ll  help you to buy and send it to you directly.

Here’s how it works :

1. Find Korean products or link from website to purchase. Or you can describe the product and I’ll find them for you.

2. I’ll send you a price list then you can give me a feedback to buy or not.

3. Service charge for each item will be 10$ or  10% of the total product price whichever is higher.

4. You pay for your product and service charge through Paypal, then I’ll buy this product and take a picture before sending it to you.

5. If you confirm your buying then, I’ll give you a notice for shipping charge to be paid for your delivery.  You can pay it throught Paypal too.

6.  I’ll send it to you via EMS or air parcel that you’ve chosen.

For more information, please send me an email to parisboys@naver.com.

I’m not a professional trader, but I’ll do my best effort to make a deal with you.

I think this kind of purchase should be based on trust. So if you need reference about me you can visit my facebook. Most of posts are written in Korean, but you can look around about me.

Don’t worry, I’m a real person. ^^


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