I like chicken very much~!

I love chicken very much, especially fried chicken. In Korea, there are lots of franchise companies, as you know, and KFC is also famous in Korea. Today, I’ll introduce Korean chicken franchises. And the most amazing thing is that when you want to eat chicken, they can deliver it to you wherever you go.  The beach, mountain, park and the office where you work, you can get it through one call. It’s much more delicious to eat chicken with friends in front of Han river. When you visit Korea, you can try it. They can deliver it to you as soon as possible. They also credit card reader machine, so don’t worry about paying it for cash.

1. BBQ Chicken (http://www.bbq.co.kr/)


2. Hoolala (http://www.hoolala.co.kr/)


3. Kyochon chicken (http://www.kyochon.com)

Enjoy your chicken party with you family and friends. ^^


4 thoughts on “I like chicken very much~!

  1. Hello Min!

    Thank you for sharing these chicken delivery websites.

    I am from Singapore. Everytime I am in Seoul, I divide my time between Jongno-gu and Gangnam-gu.

    So sad that these chicken delivery websites do not have English Text as I can’t read Korean, I won’t be able to place an online order as I can’t even create an account with
    them !

    And, I can’t even read the address of their branches!

    That’s one of the main problem faced by Foreigners in Korea.

    • Thank you for you comment. I’ll try to find how can foreign people order chicken on the website.
      I’ll let you know the way you can order. If you are staying in hotel or guest house, you can ask the manager to order chicken.
      Most of the famous chicken brands are franchise, you can enjoy chicken everywhere.

      • Yes, i was thinking i would have to get the conceige at the hotel to help me. to thank them, have to buy them the fried chicken too 🙂

        I am sure you know Mangosix, the newer ones i see on their website, seem to be very beautiful , the decor better looking. But as usual, i can’t read the address. Usually Korean companies will put header in English, but the text all in Korean. The companies that have English text are usually international Korean companies such as Lotte or departments own by Gov.

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