Work in Yeoido about 10 years.

I’ve been working in Yeoido area about 10 years. In Yeoido, there are lots of securites company and you can find many office building with finance-related business. It is often called Wall Street in Korea.  

Actually, Yeodo is nice place to look around with friends or family. You can go Han river, Yeoido Park and 63 Building. And this coming August you can find another big attraction IFC Seoul, where I’m working now as a property manager.

Below is some pictures taken from my cell phone camera. If you visit Seoul, it’s worth to visit Yeodo to feel the mood of office workers in Korea.  Enjoy Yeoido~!

2012-03-21 13.44.25

2012-03-21 13.44.15

2012-03-19 07.29.42


2012-03-19 07.30.02


5 thoughts on “Work in Yeoido about 10 years.

  1. Aside from Jinhae, Yeouido is the best place in Seoul to view cherry blossom. I was there this past Spring during the full bloom, and the experience was incredible. There were so many couples, you can feel love is in the air 🙂

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