Seoul Children’s Grand Park

Do you like amusement park? We have some theme parks in Seoul such as Lotte World. Everland is alos a nice amusement park near Seoul.

1. Lotte World

2. Everland

3. Seoul Children’s Grand Park

Today I’ll introduce Seoul Children’s Grand Park which is located on  the subway number 5 line. At Achasan Station you can go to this nice park for your children or with your friends. Actually it is not fancy but it’s for free to enter, you can enjoy zoo and nice scenery in the park. You can buy ticket for some rides in the park.

2012-05-13 14.35.44

2012-05-13 14.41.53

2012-05-13 14.48.17

2012-05-13 14.49.45

2012-05-13 15.35.21

2012-05-13 14.51.18

2012-05-13 14.48.37


One thought on “Seoul Children’s Grand Park

  1. Your photos remind me of the time when I was at this park. The park itself is beautiful, but was too crowded when I was there in April. Yes, entrance to the park is free, but I think there is a fee to enter the zoo.

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