If you have any question about Seoul, just call 120.

When you need an interpreter in a taxi, and there is no one who can speak Korean. Then just call Dasan Call Center. This rescue number 120 will help every foreigner who are staying in Seoul.

Press 120 + 9, then you can ask anything about Seoul, especially life and tourism.

Here are some sample questions from Dasan Call Center homepage.

1. You need an interpreter in a taxi.

2. You need information about restaurants in specific areas in Seoul.

3. You want information regarding various bus routes.

4. You want to convert foreign driver license into Korean license.

5. You need to report lost items left on public transportation.

6. You need an interpreter when shopping.

7. you want to order a pizza over the phone.

Just remenber this number for you happy life in Korea.


If you need further information, you can visit Dasan Call Center homepage.


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