How to buy discounted Lotte World Ticket.

When you visit Korean with children, you could visit Lotte World to see the amusement park in Seoul.  I’m not sure you can have discount coupon from travel agency or share any discount program to enter the theme park.

I know that there are many ways to get a discount price for the ticket. I will share the most simple method to get it.

You can ask Korean friend to buy a ticket with credit card instead of you. You can book a ticket also, but you probably need real one to enter.

Most of Korean have credit cards and many of those provide discount price when they use its credit card to buy those kind of ticket. Someone who have those kind of  associated card, just ask them to buy it for you.

They can buy one ticket for each month and total of 6 ticket within a year, and we don’t usually go to Lotte World so often.

If you have a Korean friend, then tell him or her to get it for you.

It’s simple. If you have no one to ask, just tell me. I can buy it for you.  But I’m just available during weekend and I have to go with you to ticket box to buy those tickets. It’s kind of regulation for discount tickets. But I can buy just one ticket through online then I can let you know the number to receive a ticket. So you can get the real ticket through vending machine in front of the Lotte World ticket office.

when I can find some coupons, I’ll post the coupon that can be used for the discount tickets.


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