What is the most difficult thing in Seoul?

I’m always curious about one question.

What is the most difficult thing as a foreigner or traveler in Seoul? What kind of information do you want to know about or what kind of service do you need to live in Seoul? Otherwise what make you happy or joyful during your holidays in Seoul.

If you have any exprience to travel or live in Seoul, please leave a comment for this question? Or you if you are planning to visit Seoul, what do you want to do for the first time when you arrive here. Maybe you are not interested in travel agency’s boring program and do something new for your precious holiday in Seoul.

Let me know your opinion and experience about Seoul or Korea. I want to know about what is not enough for traveling in Seoul.


2 thoughts on “What is the most difficult thing in Seoul?

  1. OK I start, I went to Séoul last summer and stayed alone for 6 days then met a japanese friend. I was surprised because my guide (the Lonely Planet) directed me to quite uninteresting shopping places. I was able to find the palaces that I wanted to find easily but I couldn’t find any big bookshop to buy books in English about Korea. Then I met my japanese friend, her guide (Aruco) was much better and she took me to really nice open air markets (I adoooored) and also some restaurants that she had seen in a Korean drama.
    So to sum up next time I go to Séoul I’d like to spend more time in the markets and I’d like to find a bookshop that has English books about Korean culture. I really loved Séoul I used the map that they gave me at the tourist booth, it really helped me a lot. I didn’t use an agency because I don’t want to be with a lot of French people during my holidays ^^ I’d use one only for something difficult to find like a special place seen in a drama but I don’t like being herded in a group when I travel.

  2. Yes, I agree with you. Most of travel agency or tour guide take travlers to boring shopping center or stupid souvenir shop. We have lots of interesting places and market where you can feel the Korean culture. And I’ll find some fine restaurant where you can see in the drama.

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