Hello, My name is Min from Seoul Korea.I’ve been living in Seoul about 35 years and I love to introduce Seoul to foreign people who will be visited.That’s why I made my mind to start a blog.

Like every other big city, Seoul has its own attraction to tourist or foreign people.There are many other site which introduce about Seoul. But I want to show you the real life of Seoul.It can be very small thing to big thing.

I’ll take a picture of every thing from Seoul and I’ll make some explanation on it. When someone need help or information regarding Seoul, I can help you if that  problem is within my capacity

.So feel free to ask me anything about Seoul.You can reach me at parisboys@naver.com  or skype ID parisboykr. Also you can visit my Korean personal website. (www.minsungsik.com).


Flower Hat

My name is Min



12 thoughts on “ABOUT MIN

  1. Min, this is Tracy from America. OMG ! you finally made your blog. This is so wonderful ! I am so happy for you. Great tips and advice. I found them very informative.

  2. Hi Min! Thanks for commenting on my blog! ^^ I read some of your blog and it is really great! I will have to check out some of the places that you wrote about. Have a great day!

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