Seokchon Lake in Jamsil.

If you visit to Korean in Spring, you have to visit Seokchon Lake. It is near Jamsil station and you can also enjoy Majic Island in Lotte World. I’ll upload some pictures of Seokchon Lanke. I live near Jamsil, so when I have free time I go for a jog. Now, it’s a little bit late to enjoy cherry blossom in Seokchon Lake, please enjoy it from my pictures.

2012-04-16 18.23.33 


2012-04-16 18.23.54

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Korea Broadcasting Homepage

Today I’ll introduce Korean Broadcasting Homepage. In Korea, we have three major public TV and lots of cable TV. If you are a fan of Korean Drama, you may also know about this already. Recently, some program from cable TV are becoming popular. This site is also written in English, but if you do investingating on the site it’s not that difficult to find your favorite soap or program.  Among three broadcating website, KBS provide various language service. You can find a dropdown button on the top of the left side of the first page.

1. MBC

2. KBS

3. SBS

Want to start a business in Seoul ?

Seoul is really fast growing city in Asia so that someone want to start a business in Korea. If you are looking for a business opportunities in Seoul. You can find lots of information from following website. Now I’m workign for a real estate property manager in IFC Seoul , we also have a branch of Seoul Global Center. This website is servicing with Eglish page, so it is really helpful for those who want to start up in Korea.

Please share your business idea and tell me more about your thought.