I like (떡볶이)Ddokboki very much.

There are lots of street food in Seoul. Among them I like 떡볶이 most. These days, there are some franchise 떡볶이 store across Seoul. It is actually stree food so you can find everywhere in Korea selling 떡볶이 and other delicious food. Here are my favorite 떡볶이 franchise in Korea.

1. http://www.addal.co.kr/

Below is the link from naver blog for Addal 떡볶이.


2. http://www.kukde.co.kr/

Below is the link from naver blog for Kukde 떡볶이.



How to buy brand-name products in Korea

When you visit Korea and want to buy some brand-name products those are cheaper than your country. You can visit some discount outlet not far from Seoul.

Most of the stores are very busy on weekend I recommend visit there during weekday.  Visit below website for your happy shopping.

1. Yeoju Premium Outlets


2. Paju Premium Outlets


3. Paju Lotte Outlets


4. Kimpo Airport Outlets


Except Kimpo Airport Outlets you have to bring your own car or rent a car to get there. Or you can ask your Korean friend to bring you there. It takes 1 ~ 2 hours from Seoul.

Are you looking for a K-Star Shop?

Are you looking for a Korean star product or goods. Here are some links that will help you find your favorite stars’ product.

1. SM Entertainmnet Good Shop : You can find product related to SNSD, BOA, Super Junior and other SM Entertainmnet’s star product.

2. FNC Store : If you are a fan of CNBlue and FTILAND. You must visit this site.

3. Star Land : ZE:A, V.O.S and Jewelry’s fan will like this place.

4. SEND Mall : SS501, KARA, Rainbow’s fan shop.

5. YG Mall : Big Bang, 2NE1, Seven and all the stars from YG Entertainment


I’ll update ASAP, if you need more information about these kinds of shop. Please leave a message, if you are looking for specific products of your Korean star.

6. K-Star Shop : Lots of product that has been supported by K-star.

K-pop online streaming site

These days K-pop is getting more popular in Southeast Asia and Europe. Particulary, Idol music is one the most popular part of Korean music. But it’s not the whole range of K-pop, I’m not sure this site properly work abroad. You can try sample music without signing up. Due to its fast change of music chart, you can see the trend of K-pop when you visit the website. You can found the most famous music from the site and brand new album really quick.  Visit the below website to search you favorite K-pop.

1. Mellon


2. Soribada


3. Bugs Music


Enjoy your music on the website.  I guess you can find Korean musics easily, if you are a big fan of K-pop.

Famous online shopping mall for Korean Product

Are you looking for a korean product? I’ll introduce some famous online shopping mall in Kroea.


1. Gmarket


2. Interpark


3. Shinsegae mall


4. Lotte Mall


5. 11st


Most of the sites are written in Korean except Gmarket. But it’s not difficult to find product you want, because you can see the picture of the product on the top page. If you are looking for a special site, Please leave a message then I’ll update this post when the message is added.


Are you looking for Korean Products? But it’s not easy to get your items through online shopping? When I was in university my foreign friend want to have music CD so, I sent K-pop CD to my friend. This was my first try to send Korean products to abroad.

If you want Korean products, I’ll  help you to buy and send it to you directly.

Here’s how it works :

1. Find Korean products or link from website to purchase. Or you can describe the product and I’ll find them for you.

2. I’ll send you a price list then you can give me a feedback to buy or not.

3. Service charge for each item will be 10$ or  10% of the total product price whichever is higher.

4. You pay for your product and service charge through Paypal, then I’ll buy this product and take a picture before sending it to you.

5. If you confirm your buying then, I’ll give you a notice for shipping charge to be paid for your delivery.  You can pay it throught Paypal too.

6.  I’ll send it to you via EMS or air parcel that you’ve chosen.

For more information, please send me an email to parisboys@naver.com.

I’m not a professional trader, but I’ll do my best effort to make a deal with you.

I think this kind of purchase should be based on trust. So if you need reference about me you can visit my facebook. Most of posts are written in Korean, but you can look around about me.

Don’t worry, I’m a real person. ^^