Let’s plan your trip by yourself, customized tour to Seoul.

When you plan to visit Korea or Seoul, where do you get information about Seoul? Are you using travel agency to find out package program or group tour? Or you just looking for a internet to search really interesting places. As a foreigner, it’s same to me. Because of busy schedule of daily life and simple way to book a trip, I also usually use travel company to plan my golden holidays. But as you know, it cannot fully satisfy my needs and pleasure, whenever I arrived in those kind of tour places. So I think about many times to changes travel plan.

As I live here in Seoul about 35 years, I really know well about this interesting city.  I know many foreign travelers who visit Korea don’t really enjoy well. They go same places and take similiar pictures. How about changing the travel route. You can go to local fish market instead of department store. You can use subway or city bus, not a taxi. Or you can go to sea and forest to enjoy nature of Korea.

I can help you to develop your travel plan to Seoul or Korea. Let me know your plan before you visit to Seoul. We can search better place for you, if you are interested in another spot in Korea. And while you are visiting Seoul you want to buy some Korean product. So I can buy it for you using online shop or internet market, if your schedule is enough to receive those products. 

I’ll summarize how can I help your travel.

1. Prepare travel plan before you start.

2. Search for cheaper tickets or coupons for

3. Buy Korean products using online shopping

I know it is not easy to pay your bill or order your product, but I can assist your trip in Seoul.  I want to help your costomized travel for Seoul. Feel free to send an email when you are ready to make your own trip. I’m not a tour guide, but I’m enjoying helping other people who will be visited Seoul and Korea.



Ski Resorts in Korea

The weather in Korea was really hot and humid this summer. Hot summer will go and winter will come with white snow. In korea, we have four seasons and that could make you visit to Korea. There are no ski resort in Seoul, but you can find many resorts which is not far from Seoul. Before you visit the place, you can find useful information about resorts from its homepage.

DAEMYUNG VIVALDI PARK –  http://www.daemyungresort.com/vp

PHOENIX PARK –http://www.phoenixpark.co.kr

HIGH 1 –http://www.high1.com

YONG PYONG RESORT – http://www.yongpyong.co.kr

MUJU DEOGYUSAN – http://www.deogyusanresort.com

SUNGWOO RESORT –http://www.hdsungwoo.co.kr

BEARS TOWN –http://www.bearstown.com

You can enjoy white snow with beautiful mountains in Korea.

Seoul Children’s Grand Park

Do you like amusement park? We have some theme parks in Seoul such as Lotte World. Everland is alos a nice amusement park near Seoul.

1. Lotte World http://www.lotteworld.com/

2. Everland http://www.everland.com

3. Seoul Children’s Grand Park http://grandpark.seoul.go.kr

Today I’ll introduce Seoul Children’s Grand Park which is located on  the subway number 5 line. At Achasan Station you can go to this nice park for your children or with your friends. Actually it is not fancy but it’s for free to enter, you can enjoy zoo and nice scenery in the park. You can buy ticket for some rides in the park.

2012-05-13 14.35.44

2012-05-13 14.41.53

2012-05-13 14.48.17

2012-05-13 14.49.45

2012-05-13 15.35.21

2012-05-13 14.51.18

2012-05-13 14.48.37

Work in Yeoido about 10 years.

I’ve been working in Yeoido area about 10 years. In Yeoido, there are lots of securites company and you can find many office building with finance-related business. It is often called Wall Street in Korea.  

Actually, Yeodo is nice place to look around with friends or family. You can go Han river, Yeoido Park and 63 Building. And this coming August you can find another big attraction IFC Seoul, where I’m working now as a property manager.

Below is some pictures taken from my cell phone camera. If you visit Seoul, it’s worth to visit Yeodo to feel the mood of office workers in Korea.  Enjoy Yeoido~!

2012-03-21 13.44.25

2012-03-21 13.44.15

2012-03-19 07.29.42


2012-03-19 07.30.02

You don’t have to worry small change if you have Korea Pass

You know that Korea has one of the fastest internet speed in the world. And you can live with plastic money instead of real money.

Korea Pass is easy and convenient card for foreigners who will travel Seoul more than one week to shop and ride public transportation and taxi.

Korea Pass is a prepaid tourism card designed by Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism(MCST) and the Korean Tourism Organization(KTO). So it is trustworthy and also convenient to hold during your travel.

You can buy it at Immigration in Incheon Int’l Airport or some other place.

Please find more information about Korea Pass from below site.


Enjoy Korean-style House in Seoul

Have you ever heard about Hanok? It is Korean traditional style house. You can enjoy and experience Hanok in Seoul.  There are two places in Seoul and you can reach there by subway or buses.

1. Namsangol Hanok Village


2. Bukchon Hanok Village


There are lots of Hanok Vaillage out of Seoul. If you have enough time to travel around Korea, you can stay in Hanok and feel the beauty of Korea. Below is the link of Hanok Travel course recommended by Korea Tourism Ogranization. But this page is not translate in English, but you can follow this page because most of the pages are pictures.


If you need more information about Hanok or Hanok Travel, leave a comment.