Beautiful sunset from Chonho Bridge in Seoul


This picture was taken from Chonho Bridge in Seoul.  We have lots of bridges across the Han river.


Ski Resorts in Korea

The weather in Korea was really hot and humid this summer. Hot summer will go and winter will come with white snow. In korea, we have four seasons and that could make you visit to Korea. There are no ski resort in Seoul, but you can find many resorts which is not far from Seoul. Before you visit the place, you can find useful information about resorts from its homepage.



HIGH 1 –





You can enjoy white snow with beautiful mountains in Korea.

Udergraduate Courses for Korean

In korea, there are many Korean courses for short period or private institute. But some of my followers were asking for graduate courses or undergraduate courses in Korea. I’m not sure it’s available for foreign students to enter theses courses, however it’ll be a good start to find Korean courses in Korea. If you have more questions about studying in Korea, leave a message on the post.

1. Yonsei University

2. Woosong University

3. Korea University

4. Kyunghee University – Graduate Course

If you have any question about Seoul, just call 120.

When you need an interpreter in a taxi, and there is no one who can speak Korean. Then just call Dasan Call Center. This rescue number 120 will help every foreigner who are staying in Seoul.

Press 120 + 9, then you can ask anything about Seoul, especially life and tourism.

Here are some sample questions from Dasan Call Center homepage.

1. You need an interpreter in a taxi.

2. You need information about restaurants in specific areas in Seoul.

3. You want information regarding various bus routes.

4. You want to convert foreign driver license into Korean license.

5. You need to report lost items left on public transportation.

6. You need an interpreter when shopping.

7. you want to order a pizza over the phone.

Just remenber this number for you happy life in Korea.

If you need further information, you can visit Dasan Call Center homepage.

Suncheon Bay.

In Korea, there are lots of beautiful places to visit and see. My blog is about Seoul, but I want to show you the other gorgeous tourist attractions to share with you.

I went Suncheon in Cheolanamdo province which is the south part of Korea with my wife to see this beautiful Bay. This city has a really beautiful ecological park you must have visit. You can find useful information about Suncheon Bay form below website.

Enjoy some pictures and movie clip from Suncheon Bay.







Seoul Children’s Grand Park

Do you like amusement park? We have some theme parks in Seoul such as Lotte World. Everland is alos a nice amusement park near Seoul.

1. Lotte World

2. Everland

3. Seoul Children’s Grand Park

Today I’ll introduce Seoul Children’s Grand Park which is located on  the subway number 5 line. At Achasan Station you can go to this nice park for your children or with your friends. Actually it is not fancy but it’s for free to enter, you can enjoy zoo and nice scenery in the park. You can buy ticket for some rides in the park.

2012-05-13 14.35.44

2012-05-13 14.41.53

2012-05-13 14.48.17

2012-05-13 14.49.45

2012-05-13 15.35.21

2012-05-13 14.51.18

2012-05-13 14.48.37

Work in Yeoido about 10 years.

I’ve been working in Yeoido area about 10 years. In Yeoido, there are lots of securites company and you can find many office building with finance-related business. It is often called Wall Street in Korea.  

Actually, Yeodo is nice place to look around with friends or family. You can go Han river, Yeoido Park and 63 Building. And this coming August you can find another big attraction IFC Seoul, where I’m working now as a property manager.

Below is some pictures taken from my cell phone camera. If you visit Seoul, it’s worth to visit Yeodo to feel the mood of office workers in Korea.  Enjoy Yeoido~!

2012-03-21 13.44.25

2012-03-21 13.44.15

2012-03-19 07.29.42


2012-03-19 07.30.02

Seokchon Lake in Jamsil.

If you visit to Korean in Spring, you have to visit Seokchon Lake. It is near Jamsil station and you can also enjoy Majic Island in Lotte World. I’ll upload some pictures of Seokchon Lanke. I live near Jamsil, so when I have free time I go for a jog. Now, it’s a little bit late to enjoy cherry blossom in Seokchon Lake, please enjoy it from my pictures.

2012-04-16 18.23.33 


2012-04-16 18.23.54

2012-04-16 18.31.46 2012-04-16 18.24.54 2012-04-16 18.27.02 2012-04-16 18.25.53

I like chicken very much~!

I love chicken very much, especially fried chicken. In Korea, there are lots of franchise companies, as you know, and KFC is also famous in Korea. Today, I’ll introduce Korean chicken franchises. And the most amazing thing is that when you want to eat chicken, they can deliver it to you wherever you go.  The beach, mountain, park and the office where you work, you can get it through one call. It’s much more delicious to eat chicken with friends in front of Han river. When you visit Korea, you can try it. They can deliver it to you as soon as possible. They also credit card reader machine, so don’t worry about paying it for cash.

1. BBQ Chicken (


2. Hoolala (


3. Kyochon chicken (

Enjoy your chicken party with you family and friends. ^^