How to live and travel like a Korean?

I guess most of you reading my blog are interested in Korea and Korean culture. And you already have been in Korea or will have plan to visit Korea. But most of travel package include boring shopping and same places to go with other travelers. It’s same to me when I go to abroad. I know it’s easier to pay the travel agency and then just enjoy the program. But there are many ways to live and travel like a Korean with cheaper price or sometimes discounted amount.

I’d like to share some information local Korean use, what they do in every day life.   what I’m trying to do in this category is to show how Korean use bargaing sales information, coupon and TV home shopping. And then I’ll help you if you want to live like a Korean. It will be helpful if you have Korean friends or person who live in Koerea now.

I don’t know how many of you think this kind of things will help you. But I bet it will be fun. I can collect the useful information for you or you can ask me any kind of things you want to know about Korea.

You can send me email ( any time, then I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you need a real time conversation you can add my skype ID(parisboykr).

Today, I’ll share some famouse social commerce site in Korea like a Groupon.

It’s written in Korea, but don’t worry about it. You can click the menu then most of the pages are picture and you can understand how much is it.

You will wonder how can you enjoy those prices? It’s simple if you have Korean friends ask them to buy it for you when you are staying in Korea. Or you can also ask me to do it for you. But I can buy it for you when you are in Seoul only. I’m having my own work and can’t go far.

Enjoy your tavel like a Korean.


Udergraduate Courses for Korean

In korea, there are many Korean courses for short period or private institute. But some of my followers were asking for graduate courses or undergraduate courses in Korea. I’m not sure it’s available for foreign students to enter theses courses, however it’ll be a good start to find Korean courses in Korea. If you have more questions about studying in Korea, leave a message on the post.

1. Yonsei University

2. Woosong University

3. Korea University

4. Kyunghee University – Graduate Course

How to find a Job in Korea?

Are you looking for a job in Korea, I think most of the job in korea is teaching English for student or sales people. I’ll upload more job site link related to Korea.



3. Contact Korea


Useful webpage for learning Korean

Those who want to study Korean through online, you can visit follwoing website.

Please share websites you know with me then I’ll update this post.


2. KBS – Let’s learn Korean


4. FSI Language Course

5. Talk to me in Korean


Are you looking for a Korean Language School?

When you learn a foreign language, what kind of style do you like? Some people like meeting  local friends and just make a conversation with them, but most of the people want to go to a language school. There are lots of need for Korean language as a second language these days. Today I’ll introduce some famous Korean Language school in university. 

1. Yonsei University Korean Language Institute

2. Korea University Korean Language and Culture Center

3. Sogang University Korean Language Education Center

4. Seoul National University Language Education Institute

If you need more information about Korean language institute, please leave a comment. And please share your experience on Korean language school.