Let’s plan your trip by yourself, customized tour to Seoul.

When you plan to visit Korea or Seoul, where do you get information about Seoul? Are you using travel agency to find out package program or group tour? Or you just looking for a internet to search really interesting places. As a foreigner, it’s same to me. Because of busy schedule of daily life and simple way to book a trip, I also usually use travel company to plan my golden holidays. But as you know, it cannot fully satisfy my needs and pleasure, whenever I arrived in those kind of tour places. So I think about many times to changes travel plan.

As I live here in Seoul about 35 years, I really know well about this interesting city.  I know many foreign travelers who visit Korea don’t really enjoy well. They go same places and take similiar pictures. How about changing the travel route. You can go to local fish market instead of department store. You can use subway or city bus, not a taxi. Or you can go to sea and forest to enjoy nature of Korea.

I can help you to develop your travel plan to Seoul or Korea. Let me know your plan before you visit to Seoul. We can search better place for you, if you are interested in another spot in Korea. And while you are visiting Seoul you want to buy some Korean product. So I can buy it for you using online shop or internet market, if your schedule is enough to receive those products. 

I’ll summarize how can I help your travel.

1. Prepare travel plan before you start.

2. Search for cheaper tickets or coupons for

3. Buy Korean products using online shopping

I know it is not easy to pay your bill or order your product, but I can assist your trip in Seoul.  I want to help your costomized travel for Seoul. Feel free to send an email when you are ready to make your own trip. I’m not a tour guide, but I’m enjoying helping other people who will be visited Seoul and Korea.



Korea Tourism Organization Homepage


Are you plannig to trip to Korea? Here is the really wonderful site for you trip to Korea. This website is Korea Tourism Organization’s official homepage. You can find lots of useful information such as accommodation, attraction, food and shopping.

Seoul is one of the most famous attraction in Korea, but there are more fascinating province in Korea. How about trying to visit that place as well as Seoul. You can feel and enjoy beautiful scenery of Korea.