I’ll help your shopping at IFC Mall and get some discount.

Hi, All.

If you have a chance to visit Seoul, there are new land mark building in Yoido Area.

IFC Seoul is on of the most famous building in Korea, and you can also enjoy shopping at IFC Mall.

I’m working at IFC and there are some employee discount for some store. It changes monthly basis, so I’ll upload the brochure for the IFC Mall.

When you visit IFC Mall and plan to buy some products , let me know. I’ll find you the way you can enjoy IFC Mall and some discount program for you.

Please visit below web site for IFC Mall.



Let’s plan your trip by yourself, customized tour to Seoul.

When you plan to visit Korea or Seoul, where do you get information about Seoul? Are you using travel agency to find out package program or group tour? Or you just looking for a internet to search really interesting places. As a foreigner, it’s same to me. Because of busy schedule of daily life and simple way to book a trip, I also usually use travel company to plan my golden holidays. But as you know, it cannot fully satisfy my needs and pleasure, whenever I arrived in those kind of tour places. So I think about many times to changes travel plan.

As I live here in Seoul about 35 years, I really know well about this interesting city.  I know many foreign travelers who visit Korea don’t really enjoy well. They go same places and take similiar pictures. How about changing the travel route. You can go to local fish market instead of department store. You can use subway or city bus, not a taxi. Or you can go to sea and forest to enjoy nature of Korea.

I can help you to develop your travel plan to Seoul or Korea. Let me know your plan before you visit to Seoul. We can search better place for you, if you are interested in another spot in Korea. And while you are visiting Seoul you want to buy some Korean product. So I can buy it for you using online shop or internet market, if your schedule is enough to receive those products. 

I’ll summarize how can I help your travel.

1. Prepare travel plan before you start.

2. Search for cheaper tickets or coupons for

3. Buy Korean products using online shopping

I know it is not easy to pay your bill or order your product, but I can assist your trip in Seoul.  I want to help your costomized travel for Seoul. Feel free to send an email when you are ready to make your own trip. I’m not a tour guide, but I’m enjoying helping other people who will be visited Seoul and Korea.


What is the most difficult thing in Seoul?

I’m always curious about one question.

What is the most difficult thing as a foreigner or traveler in Seoul? What kind of information do you want to know about or what kind of service do you need to live in Seoul? Otherwise what make you happy or joyful during your holidays in Seoul.

If you have any exprience to travel or live in Seoul, please leave a comment for this question? Or you if you are planning to visit Seoul, what do you want to do for the first time when you arrive here. Maybe you are not interested in travel agency’s boring program and do something new for your precious holiday in Seoul.

Let me know your opinion and experience about Seoul or Korea. I want to know about what is not enough for traveling in Seoul.

How to buy discounted Lotte World Ticket.

When you visit Korean with children, you could visit Lotte World to see the amusement park in Seoul.  I’m not sure you can have discount coupon from travel agency or share any discount program to enter the theme park.

I know that there are many ways to get a discount price for the ticket. I will share the most simple method to get it.

You can ask Korean friend to buy a ticket with credit card instead of you. You can book a ticket also, but you probably need real one to enter.

Most of Korean have credit cards and many of those provide discount price when they use its credit card to buy those kind of ticket. Someone who have those kind of  associated card, just ask them to buy it for you.

They can buy one ticket for each month and total of 6 ticket within a year, and we don’t usually go to Lotte World so often.

If you have a Korean friend, then tell him or her to get it for you.

It’s simple. If you have no one to ask, just tell me. I can buy it for you.  But I’m just available during weekend and I have to go with you to ticket box to buy those tickets. It’s kind of regulation for discount tickets. But I can buy just one ticket through online then I can let you know the number to receive a ticket. So you can get the real ticket through vending machine in front of the Lotte World ticket office.

when I can find some coupons, I’ll post the coupon that can be used for the discount tickets.

Yeosu City Travel Coupon. Free download site.

Yoesu City is located in southern part of Korea. If you are  planning to visit Suncheon Bay Garden Expo 2013, you can also visit Yeosu too. It’s next to Suncheon.

You can find lots of information about Yeosu through below web link.


Yeosu is one of the beautiful city of southern Korea, and you can enjoy various fresh seafood everywhere in Yeosu. And the city is offering discount coupon to attract tourists.

You can print out these coupon and get a discount from 3% ~ 50% each.  If you need help to get these coupon just email me.


Most of the coupons are for accomdation and restaurants.

Enjoy Yeosu Travel~~!

How to live and travel like a Korean?

I guess most of you reading my blog are interested in Korea and Korean culture. And you already have been in Korea or will have plan to visit Korea. But most of travel package include boring shopping and same places to go with other travelers. It’s same to me when I go to abroad. I know it’s easier to pay the travel agency and then just enjoy the program. But there are many ways to live and travel like a Korean with cheaper price or sometimes discounted amount.

I’d like to share some information local Korean use, what they do in every day life.   what I’m trying to do in this category is to show how Korean use bargaing sales information, coupon and TV home shopping. And then I’ll help you if you want to live like a Korean. It will be helpful if you have Korean friends or person who live in Koerea now.

I don’t know how many of you think this kind of things will help you. But I bet it will be fun. I can collect the useful information for you or you can ask me any kind of things you want to know about Korea.

You can send me email (parisboys@naver.com) any time, then I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you need a real time conversation you can add my skype ID(parisboykr).

Today, I’ll share some famouse social commerce site in Korea like a Groupon.


It’s written in Korea, but don’t worry about it. You can click the menu then most of the pages are picture and you can understand how much is it.

You will wonder how can you enjoy those prices? It’s simple if you have Korean friends ask them to buy it for you when you are staying in Korea. Or you can also ask me to do it for you. But I can buy it for you when you are in Seoul only. I’m having my own work and can’t go far.

Enjoy your tavel like a Korean.

How to listen to the English Radio in Korea?

Are you living in Korea and you want to listen to radio about Korean news?

You can listen English radio through internet or FM radio.


If you alredy familiar with Korean cluture, you may know about the Ariran TV the most famous English broadcast for Korea.


You can enjoy the Arirang Radio through mobile application too.

Let’s share if you know the other Korean radio or TV Station on the internet.