How to live and travel like a Korean?

I guess most of you reading my blog are interested in Korea and Korean culture. And you already have been in Korea or will have plan to visit Korea. But most of travel package include boring shopping and same places to go with other travelers. It’s same to me when I go to abroad. I know it’s easier to pay the travel agency and then just enjoy the program. But there are many ways to live and travel like a Korean with cheaper price or sometimes discounted amount.

I’d like to share some information local Korean use, what they do in every day life.   what I’m trying to do in this category is to show how Korean use bargaing sales information, coupon and TV home shopping. And then I’ll help you if you want to live like a Korean. It will be helpful if you have Korean friends or person who live in Koerea now.

I don’t know how many of you think this kind of things will help you. But I bet it will be fun. I can collect the useful information for you or you can ask me any kind of things you want to know about Korea.

You can send me email ( any time, then I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you need a real time conversation you can add my skype ID(parisboykr).

Today, I’ll share some famouse social commerce site in Korea like a Groupon.

It’s written in Korea, but don’t worry about it. You can click the menu then most of the pages are picture and you can understand how much is it.

You will wonder how can you enjoy those prices? It’s simple if you have Korean friends ask them to buy it for you when you are staying in Korea. Or you can also ask me to do it for you. But I can buy it for you when you are in Seoul only. I’m having my own work and can’t go far.

Enjoy your tavel like a Korean.


You don’t have to worry small change if you have Korea Pass

You know that Korea has one of the fastest internet speed in the world. And you can live with plastic money instead of real money.

Korea Pass is easy and convenient card for foreigners who will travel Seoul more than one week to shop and ride public transportation and taxi.

Korea Pass is a prepaid tourism card designed by Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism(MCST) and the Korean Tourism Organization(KTO). So it is trustworthy and also convenient to hold during your travel.

You can buy it at Immigration in Incheon Int’l Airport or some other place.

Please find more information about Korea Pass from below site.